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This Is What the Stimulus Looks Like
February 26, 2009, 5:41 pm
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Boy, it’s nice to read the papers in the morning and find GOOD jobs news for a change. According to the UE, the 300 or so workers laid off when Republic Windows and Doors closed up shop last December will be back to work soon.  California-based Serious Materials has purchased the plant and has agreed to offer jobs  manufacturing energy efficient windows to all the workers laid off last December – at the same rate of pay, no less.

Buildings account for a whopping 72% of electricity consumption in the US, and Serious Materials is in the business of creating high performing building materials that can cut those ridiculous inefficiencies down.  By cutting energy consumption, Serious cuts greenhouse gas emissions right along with the electricity bills. Their goal is to save 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions every year, 1/3oth of the global total. And with their focus on manufacturing windows and drywall, Serious is driving to create thousands of green collar jobs.

In other words, Serious Materials is exactly the kind of company Chicago needs. And considering that stimulus bill included $4.5 billion in building weatherization spending and that Mayor Daley has stated that weatherizing buildings is one of the city’s priorities, I’d say that Serious Materials has made a good bet by settling here.

Update: according to the San Jose Mercury News, Serious Materials CEO Kevin Surace said “What gave us the confidence to do this was the stimulus bill.”  Surace estimates that the package includes about $30 billion for projects using the types of products Serious makes. Forward thinking fellow, that Surace.


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