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Sadhu Johnston, Chicago’s Chief Environmental Officer, is a Funny Guy
April 22, 2009, 8:16 pm
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If you aren’t attending Chicago’s Green Drinks events you must start. Every time I go I meet fabulously interesting people and learn something new about green business and green government. Added bonus: if you come to Green Drinks on May 14th you get to help pick a sustainable business to win $2500!

But I digress. At today’s Green Drinks we got to hear from Sadhu Johnston, Chicago’s Chief Environmental Officer, about the city’s efforts to become more sustainable. Let me say on the front end that as soon as the question and answer portion of the evening started I felt a wave of empathy. Part of my job includes giving presentations and seminars too, so I’m familiar with the pointed questions about whether you’re doing enough.

Sadhu’s weapons of choice? Data and humor.

Best data point of the night: Before the parking meter rates went up, 15% of Chicago’s downtown traffic was just people driving around looking for street parking.  Parking meter rates were so cheap that people just couldn’t face garage rates.  The new parking meter rates are driving plenty of people nuts, but the smart money says that the new rates will cut the city’s traffic and carbon emissions.

Best out of context funny answer: “Imagine a stack of a trillion pancakes reaching to the moon.”

All in all, it was a really interesting evening. And now I know that Sadhu looks surprisingly like J-Lo’s husband, Marc Antony. That’s the kind of insight you only get from face to face meetings, people! See you May 14th.


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